Windows 8.1 Out Early For Programmers


After Microsoft announced that the Windows 8.1 update will come out at the same time for the developers and the public, there was a massive outcry by the developer community to release early for developers so they may start coding and testing early for this update. Well, good news everyone! Microsoft listened and delivered! As of…well…right now, Windows Developers now have access to Windows 8.1. This is actually very good news for all Win8 users because it means many programs you use will now have most of the issues smoothened out before it is available for you, and everyone else.

With the 8.1 update comes a few changes. What is most important to note about this update is that there are some slight changes to the appearance and, what had the Windows Dev community mad, that this update changes the way programs work with the 8.1.
A change that is well welcomed is the Start button. Now, this button has existed since the Windows 8 release but it was less prominent. In the 8.1 update, this button has become more prominent and allows users to go between the Metro and Desktop views on their device. In 8.1, a mouse click on the lower left corner of the screen will also change view types. In addition, the Start button will be visible when working with the desktop version of 8.1.

As of right now, Windows Developers have access to the 8.1 build. For the rest of the world, expect this update to go live October 16, 2013.


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