End the Roaming Barriers in Europe


On Wednesday, European Commision President Jose Manuel Barosso stated that he wishes to have an end to the roaming barrier across all EU nations. This was brought up during the State of the Union, in which he stressed that there should be an end to the roaming charges in the EU due to the high tax of roaming .“I would like to announce today we will formally adopt a proposal that gives a push toward a single market for telecoms,” Mr. Barroso told the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Later that day, Neelie Kroes, the E.U. commissioner for digital issues, suggested the end to roaming fees by May.
It is suggested that this was brought up by Mr Barosso so there may be new opportunities in the breaking of the barriers, as well to increase both travel and internet use during vacations. This is in hopes to bring the EU on par with the American system of roaming like in the US states.
Before becoming law, this proposal has to go through the EU Parliament and the EU states and if accepted, it will become law. Although this seems simple enough, it is expected that this proposal will see ferocious lobbying by telecommunication companies, since roaming fees make up a large portion of their profit and many companies have already expressed dislike for the proposal. Mrs. Kroes is expected to present more details of the plan on Wednesday or Thursday to phase out roaming fees by 2016.


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