New Mac Malware



In the world of computers, there have always been some form of viruses. Whether it be Windows,Mac, or even Linux, they have always been there to annoy us.

Since the creation of Mac and their OSX, they have proudly carried out the motto of “Mac’s cannot get viruses”. Unfortunately for Apple, this motto has broken to bits with the past couple years where we have seen more and more Mac malware being created.

With this being said, a new variant of malware has reportedly been spotted in Tibet and could have the ability to spy on infected devices. According to Intego, the malware is based on a Java applet from a compromised website.The firm is calling the malware OSX/Tibet.D.

Now you may be wondering, is there good news? The answer…is yes. According to the firm, the only possible way to attain this malware if you visit anti-China websites in Tibet. Now, this does not mean you cannot get the malware. We recommend you stay up to date with all security updates and if you use Java applets while online we strongly recommend you get an Anti-Virus.


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