Orée Marble Wireless Charging Pebble



What your eyes have feasted upon above is the Orée Marble Wireless Charging Pebble, and it comes in red and white, and it is only 110 euros. Before i go any further, let’s explain:

Orée is a french company that likes to combine luxury craftsmanship with technology and offer a large variety of computer accessories. The Marble Wireless Charging Pebble is one of their newer items and it works like this:

The wireless charger is made of marble and wood and uses the wireless Qi charging standard, meaning it will work with Qi-compliant charging sleeves for your smartphone, or directly with devices that have the Qi standard built-in.

This is one of their items not only makes you feel extra fancy, but it also serves a good purpose.  The wooden “touch slab” follows up on their original wooden keyboard and can also work as a number pad using a provided numeric overlay. Complementing its keyboard perfectly, the touch pad is available to pre-order now in walnut or maple for €150. Shipping is due to start from October 21.


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