Blackberry Breaking Up

An illustrative photo shows Blackberry smartphone

Blackberry Ltd has had in the recently had some falling in sales and shares, and due to this, there is a recent move by both shareholders and private investors to either sell the company or sell off it’s patents to other companies and completely scrap the company. Although this is only a theory of that is to come of the company, the two most plausible most are talking about are Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd with some investors potentially buying the company and going from there or a Canadian pension fund to team up with an investor to buy the whole company.

It i hard to say what can and cannot happen with a company of this size, especially when it is worth $5 billion. Reuters reported that the company is considering all its options, as well as potentially going private. The Canadian government also weighed in on this matter stating that they hope that the company to succeed, although their future may seem quite bleak at the current moment. Most can only hope the best for the company at the current moment and that they can make a comeback from this moment, especially due to Blackberry’s history.


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