GTA 5 Makes $800 Million

GTA5 02 On September 17th, 2013 Grand Theft Auto Five was released. Take-Two, the publisher and distributor of GTA, announced that GTA V has made over $800 Million in just one day. Making it the bestselling game during its first day of any title in the history of the company, and the Grant Theft Auto series.

Grant-Theft-Auto-5-Tennis This is not surprising due to the fact that over 8,000 stores opened their doors at midnight for the release of this game. Here is a tweet from a TwitchTv live streamer the night of the GTA V release “I just called my local GameStop, there is already 50 people waiting outside” posted at 5pm. It really shows how many people wanted to buy this game, despite the online mode not active in the game until October, and it is not being released on the new generation consoles. This is an amazing achievement of Rockstar Games, and Take-Two I am extremely impressed with the success of this launch and I wish them more luck down the road of their very successful game.

Written by Barrett Thornton


2 thoughts on “GTA 5 Makes $800 Million

  1. Shoulda known this was EDIBLEFRUITZ. The spelling is atrocious LOL

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