iOS/Android and Mac/Windows Comparisons Invalid

Recently after the September 18th release of iOS 7, windows and android attempted their usual attacks on Apple. With the new iDevice software update there are some android based features added in. Such as the new multitasking system of being able to universally search from any home page. This system has been used in many versions of android for multiple years.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says that the iOS/Android, and Mac/Windows comparison isn’t valid. Considering that the different operating systems on mobile devices and computers are very different. Microsoft has dominated the market with a partner model allowing other companies to produce the computers in a way known now as “PC’s.” Apple has always taken its own path in selling its computers, iDevices, and being able to be exclusive. This has allowed them to be very unique with their products, and take the lead in sales over the tablet market.

In my opinion Apple has something very special with their software, computer model, iPads, and of course the iPhones. Steve Jobs, the previous CEO, and founder of Apple brought this company to the top with his creative abilities and appreciation in the visual side of the product. Even the inside of Apple products must look to a high standard, and cannot be sloppy in any way. This is the image Jobs gave Apple and since after his death in 2011, the company seemed to begin a decline in the special design of their products.

Apple will always have something going for them and their products with continue to sell. Windows and Android in my opinion cannot try compare to the iOS software. They are so different in so many ways.

Written by Barrett Thornton


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