Cheapest Unlimited Cell Phone Plan

ku-bigpicIf anyone has ever had an unlimited phone plan on any of the major carriers they know the price is astronomical. Just normal phone plans can range from $60 to hundreds, that’s sometimes even without texting or data. AT&T, the biggest mobile phone carrier in the world, doesn’t even offer the unlimited plan anymore, instead proposing a 300 mb, or 3 GB plan. Now if you use even a small amount of email, or browse the web you need more than 300 mb’s.

So with all these insane costs some phone companies arise with much cheaper, unlimited phone plans. Virgin Mobile, Net-10, Republic Wireless are all some of these corporations. Republic Wireless is the winner of cheapest unlimited plan with $20 a month. Until now you had to make a sacrifice for this amazing deal, which were the horrible phones. They didn’t offer any smartphones that feature the Android or iOS mobile device software. Republic now features the Moto X for $200 with a 2 year contract, or $300 with no contract. The plan does cost a bit more with the Moto X, $30 for unlimited with 3G, and $40 for unlimited with 4G.

Overall the $300 down payment and the $30, or $40 a month is crazy. This is defiantly a very nice plan and something a lot of people should be looking into. With all the money you save from cutting your monthly phone plan down, you could do some really cool things.

Written by Barrett Thornton


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