Ballmer And The Last Stand Against Google

Bing1_0As much as everyone would love this to be a Darth Vader versus Yoda, ’tis not to be. But in the land of the titans, Google and Microsoft seem to battle it out the best way: by creating the most extravagant and advanced technology for our consumerist pleasure. Although this head-to-head battle is very interesting to see, but in the search engine spectrum, it has sure been a wild ride.

At the current moment, Google is the head-honcho in search engines, with Bing trailing right behind it. Although they both are taking search engines in two different directions, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stated recently that that is exactly how he wants it. In a recent statement he noted: “I do believe that Google’s practices are worthy of discussion with competition authority, and we have certainly discussed them with competition authorities,”

Microsoft has tried their hardest to integrate Outlook and MSN into Bing to make it more user friendly, which has actually worked, and according to recent figures which show that Bing boasts 17.9 per cent of the market, while google leads with 67 cents. While this doesn’t seems like much, it is definitely an improvement since it’s creation in 2009. Bing has substantially gained ground and seem to continually push forward and a very nice growth rate.

With Microsoft having their own operating system, messenger, email, and now phone line, it is believed that we will see Bing and other Microsoft services not only become household services, as well as products. With this acquisition it is also expected to see many of Nokia’s patented technologies incorporated into Microsofts already existing services and technologies.


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