Microsoft Event on September 23,2013

microsoft invite-580-100

In the aftermath of the Apple Event, Microsoft has announced their own event on September 23rd. In this event we are expecting to see the following:

  • Surface 2
  • Surface 2 Pro
  • Xbox Surface

First off lets start with the Surface 2. It is believed that the Surface 2 and the Pro will have increased battery life and power, which its predecessor lacked in heavily. The display is believed to be a tad larger the the Surface 1, as well as more accurate. The processor is believed to be part of Intel’s new Haswell processor line. With this, Surface Dock is believed to come out with the Surface 2, which many believe to fully replace the PC due to its multiple device connectivity capability, as well as NFC,LTE, and wireless charging. The OS will presumably be Windows 8, and as for wireless, many are hoping that they will use the new high-speed, low-power 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard.

The  Xbox Surface could be on the cards and this could also be the smaller ARM-based Microsoft tablet we keep hearing about. As for the launch date, analyst believes that a Microsoft 7.5-inch tablet won’t be launched until 2014.



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