Nokia Event October 22nd in Abu Dhabi


Nokia has annouced it is hosting a Nokia World event in the capital of the United Arab Eremites on October 22,2013. While many details of this event are unknown, there have been some speculations going around about this event and what will be released. First off, Nokia is expected to release atleast three new phones, a phablet(part phone part tablet) line, and a tablet line. Out of these two items are the most expected.
The Nokia Lumia 1520 is the first most expected item. This Lumia will a a 6 inch phablet, which is expected to have a full HD display, as well as a quad-core processor, and quite possibly 10-15MP cameras on front and back. The second highly expected item is the tablet codenamed “Sirius”. This tablet is rumored to be 10.1 inches of full HD IPS display, coming with 2GB of RAM, and ten hours of battery life, with the added bonus of 32GB and extendable memory with a microSD card. Besides all this, it is expected to see all upcoming Nokia devices to hold the Windows 8.1 by standard.


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