Google’s Off-Shore Data Center

Back in 2008, Google filled a patent for a ship that would be used as a data center. The servers would be powered and cooled by the ocean, therefore making it very eco-friendly. There had been no word on this patent or if it was a possible project in the works since, but as of lately, there has been massive speculation that the first offshore data center will go active in the recent months. What brings this patent back to the public eye is recent evidence pointing the tech giant to activities being conducted at “Building 3” on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay. There is belief that a four story building is being built on a barge inside “Building 3”. What makes this even more interesting is that a similar building on a barge was towed into port in Portland, Maine about two weeks ago. Both barges are contracted by the company behind what is going on at “Building 3”. What makes this a good project for both Mother Nature and Google is that this project would cut millions from Google’s data storage costs and reduce pollution. Unfortunately, this means that if the government would need to access data on the ships, it would be a no-go if the ships were set to be in international waters. This situation would prove interesting on a civil and political standpoint. 


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