Nokia Event October 22nd in Abu Dhabi


Nokia has annouced it is hosting a Nokia World event in the capital of the United Arab Eremites on October 22,2013. While many details of this event are unknown, there have been some speculations going around about this event and what will be released. First off, Nokia is expected to release atleast three new phones, a phablet(part phone part tablet) line, and a tablet line. Out of these two items are the most expected.
The Nokia Lumia 1520 is the first most expected item. This Lumia will a a 6 inch phablet, which is expected to have a full HD display, as well as a quad-core processor, and quite possibly 10-15MP cameras on front and back. The second highly expected item is the tablet codenamed “Sirius”. This tablet is rumored to be 10.1 inches of full HD IPS display, coming with 2GB of RAM, and ten hours of battery life, with the added bonus of 32GB and extendable memory with a microSD card. Besides all this, it is expected to see all upcoming Nokia devices to hold the Windows 8.1 by standard.


Ballmer And The Last Stand Against Google

Bing1_0As much as everyone would love this to be a Darth Vader versus Yoda, ’tis not to be. But in the land of the titans, Google and Microsoft seem to battle it out the best way: by creating the most extravagant and advanced technology for our consumerist pleasure. Although this head-to-head battle is very interesting to see, but in the search engine spectrum, it has sure been a wild ride.

At the current moment, Google is the head-honcho in search engines, with Bing trailing right behind it. Although they both are taking search engines in two different directions, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stated recently that that is exactly how he wants it. In a recent statement he noted: “I do believe that Google’s practices are worthy of discussion with competition authority, and we have certainly discussed them with competition authorities,”

Microsoft has tried their hardest to integrate Outlook and MSN into Bing to make it more user friendly, which has actually worked, and according to recent figures which show that Bing boasts 17.9 per cent of the market, while google leads with 67 cents. While this doesn’t seems like much, it is definitely an improvement since it’s creation in 2009. Bing has substantially gained ground and seem to continually push forward and a very nice growth rate.

With Microsoft having their own operating system, messenger, email, and now phone line, it is believed that we will see Bing and other Microsoft services not only become household services, as well as products. With this acquisition it is also expected to see many of Nokia’s patented technologies incorporated into Microsofts already existing services and technologies.

Blackberry Breaking Up

An illustrative photo shows Blackberry smartphone

Blackberry Ltd has had in the recently had some falling in sales and shares, and due to this, there is a recent move by both shareholders and private investors to either sell the company or sell off it’s patents to other companies and completely scrap the company. Although this is only a theory of that is to come of the company, the two most plausible most are talking about are Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd with some investors potentially buying the company and going from there or a Canadian pension fund to team up with an investor to buy the whole company.

It i hard to say what can and cannot happen with a company of this size, especially when it is worth $5 billion. Reuters reported that the company is considering all its options, as well as potentially going private. The Canadian government also weighed in on this matter stating that they hope that the company to succeed, although their future may seem quite bleak at the current moment. Most can only hope the best for the company at the current moment and that they can make a comeback from this moment, especially due to Blackberry’s history.

Social Networks and Employment

If you’re hunting for a job, you always look for the best way to promote yourself in order to get the overall best jobs. Most active job seekers using social networks is a good way to give you a boost in finding that ideal job. Just recently, recruiters have started looking into your social media in order to determine the best candidate.

Among many, LinkedIn remains number one in social networks used for employment. While this is so, it is wise to not underestimate the power of Facebook and Twitter.

Jobvite surveyed multiple companies and found that recruiters look at social media accounts to see an applicant’s professional experience, whether they’ve made industry-related posts and to access how well they’d fit with the company’s culture.

The Infographic below displays the information found:


A World Of Bots


Unfortunately, this is not about Runescape or Eve bots, although we would die to write about them. This, ladies and gents, is about bot computers. In the internet times of today, bots are primarily used by hackers to DDoS websites or by high ranking officials to get popular on Facebook or Twitter(Ref: John McCain). Recently, bots were directed to Tor’s DarkNet/DeepNet which is where most of the illegal stuff happens. Now, there has been a development in Asia relating to the formation of new bots appearing by the boatload.

Solve Media reported in their quarterly bot traffic report that that hotbeds of bot traffic were sprouting from Asia, specifically the southeast. They estimate that $9.5 billion in ad dollars will go to waste through bots this year.  Their service handles visitor verification for almost 7,000 publisher clients like Ticketmaster and Meredith’s publications(ie: Fitness magazine), managing those text boxes will fill out to prove we are real visitors to each site. The company sees up to 230 million verifications per month, providing it a large sample to analyze for authenticity and non-bot humanness.

Advertising companies shouldn’t panic due to Solve Media’s data, which has been consistent for multiple quarters and just underlines an uncomfortable but known trend of bot clicks. The industry should recognize in the relatively lower numbers for mobile both an opportunity and a risk. But just as the industry looks towards mobile, and so are the bad guys ,and the mobile bot profiteers are marking their targets from a whole new set of areas.

Walmart Smartphone Trade-In



If you thought you could do anything in a Walmart before, you were wrong. Walmart has decided to launch it’s own Trade-In program for smartphones, which is a lot like what GameStop and Apple already have in place. This comes to no surprise after Apple had also decided to launch its’ Trade-In program the previous week.

On September 21st, Walmart will start this program and it is rumored that you will be able to get anywhere between $50-$300 credit on your old smartphone towards a new one. This program will be available in 3,600 Walmart’s and Sam’s Clubs around the US. It will also cover over 100 smartphones. You can bring your smartphone into a participating Walmart/Sams Club and show it to an employee. If you accept the offer, that credit can be applied toward a new smartphone of your choice. Walmart said customers can only qualify for the deal if they sign a new two-year contract from Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T.

Breaking Bad fans Sue Apple


Apple is being sued by some Breaking Bad fans who claim that the company is falsely marketing a ‘Season Pass’ for the award-winning US TV show.

The class action suit filed in San Jose, California, alleges that Apple owes customers who bought the pass for the show’s fifth and final season $22.99 (or $14.99 for the non-HD version) because it did not include all 16 episodes.

The episodes were split into two parts, which the suit claims is misleading because the marketing materials promised access to “every episode in that season.”