Top 15 App Downloads In America

The lovely people at Mashable comprised a list of top 15 apps downloaded in the US consisting of both iOS and Android and we thought we should share it!



Van Gogh Painting Discovered

vangogh painting

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam reported that they had discovered a Van Gogh painting in a norwegian attic. The painting, named “Sunsets at Montmajour”, was made on July 4, 1888 and is the first full sized canvas painting discovered since 1928. The painting is exactly¬†93.3×73.3 cm.(36.7×28.9 in.). It is believed that it was made near Arles, France, which is where Vincent Van Gogh was living at the time.¬†Researcher Meedendorp said it belongs “to a special group of experimental works that Van Gogh at times esteemed of lesser value than we tend to nowadays.”

Below you can see a full image of the painting: