eBay Now Coming to London

eBay announced plans earlier this week that it will start rolling out its eBay Now same-day delivery service in London,England. The pilot program is scheduled to begin in 2014 in partnership with Argos, a UK-based retailer. This announcement is eBay Now’s first step into the international market after the program was released last year in New York and San Francisco. The Argos partnership will mean that the retailer will adopt eBay’s “Click and Collect” program on a trial basis and we can this spread to over 150 locations in the UK. This means that in those 150+ locations, like in the US, people will be able to eBay items and pick them up at local Argos outlets. For now, eBay says that this program will start off with 50 merchants in the UK and will expand as needed.
Although this might seem new, this new delivery program has been seen before, most notably by Amazon with its’ own same-day delivery and locker pick-up service which is available in both the US and UK. Google has also started to experiment with this idea, but only in San Francisco for the time being. all three companies have even made their own apps so you can buy on-the-go and eBay has also released the eBay Now app for android and iOS and are available for download and use.


Breaking News: Pakistani Earthquake Creates Small Island to Form

A 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck on the southern coast of Pakistan killing over 100 people, injuring many more, and creating a small rocky island. The epicenter of the earthquake is believed to be in the district of Awaran, a remote mountainous area where 45 people were killed. In neighboring Bolochistan province, it is believed that another 150 people were killed there due to the earthquake. Shortly after this earthquake happened, a small rocky land appeared in the Arabian Sea nearly one mile off the nations shoreline. This new island is reportedly 30 feet tall and about 100 feet in diameter.
The principal seismologist at Pakistan’s National Seismic Monitoring Center stated that more then one thousand people could possibly be deceased due to this earthquake and the un-reported damage could be enourmous. This earthquake is said to have flatten many houses in the area of the epicenter and have been felt hudreds of miles away, and as far as India’s capital. The United States Geological Survey has issued a red alert for the area and is predicting more then 1,000 dead and damages could rive over $1 billion.

Constitutional Likes


In America, the Federal Appeals Court declared that a Facebook “Like” is now protected by the US Constitutions First Amendment. The “Like” is now considered as a form of speech. For the U.S. Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va,, Liking a candidate on Facebook should have the same protections as real-life actions that show political support.”Liking a political candidate’s campaign page communicates the user’s approval of the candidate and supports the campaign by associating the user with it,” wrote Judge William Traxler, who authored the opinion. “It is the Internet equivalent of displaying a political sign in one’s front yard, which the Supreme Court has held is substantive speech.” The case hinged over whether B.J. Roberts, the sheriff of Hampton, Va., illegally fired six of his employees who supported Jim Adams, his opponent in the sheriff’s elections. One of the employees, Former Deputy Sheriff Daniel Ray Carter, had Liked the Facebook page of his boss’ political opponent.
Facebook, the six employees, and the American Civil Liberties Union argued in the case that the like must be viewed as a type of free speech, making the act of firing an employee over a “Like” illegal. The ACLU applauded the decision as well. “This ruling rightly recognizes that the First Amendment protects free speech regardless of the venue, whether a sentiment is expressed in the physical world or online. The Constitution doesn’t distinguish between ‘liking’ a candidate on Facebook and supporting him in a town meeting or public rally,” said Ben Wizner, director of the ACLU Speech, Privacy & Technology Project in an emailed statement.
If this decision can set precedent to other cases, this might mean that in the future we will start having our +1’s and our retweets or favorites protected under the US constitution as a form of free speech, and would most likely mean that anything regarded as a “Like” on any other social network will be protected in the USA.

Breaking News: Damascus Accepts Russian Chemical Weapons Proposal

7AM EST- Breaking News: The Syrian Government has just agreed to Russians proposed chemical weapons plan. This plan proposed that Syria hand over it’s chemical weapons arsenal to international control in order to cease all probability of war with the country. The Syrian Foreign Minister said yesterday at a press confrence

“Yesterday[Monday] we held a round of fruitful newgotiations with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and he put forward an initiative regarding chemical weapons. Already in the evening we accepted Russia’s innitiative”

It was stated that the agreement was in hopes to end all US based agression towards their country so they may avert another war in the area.

We will continue to update the situation as more detail arrive.

Van Gogh Painting Discovered

vangogh painting

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam reported that they had discovered a Van Gogh painting in a norwegian attic. The painting, named “Sunsets at Montmajour”, was made on July 4, 1888 and is the first full sized canvas painting discovered since 1928. The painting is exactly 93.3×73.3 cm.(36.7×28.9 in.). It is believed that it was made near Arles, France, which is where Vincent Van Gogh was living at the time. Researcher Meedendorp said it belongs “to a special group of experimental works that Van Gogh at times esteemed of lesser value than we tend to nowadays.”

Below you can see a full image of the painting:


Dev’s rush to create NSA-proof email



In the aftermath of Edward Snowdens leak of NSA information, developers from far and beyond have been working around the clock to build an NSA proof email. Because of the NSA’s massive data collection service which is implemented on major  US based companies, creating such an email service is not tedious, but very difficult.

Although to some this idea of secure, NSA-proof email may seem new, it has been a reality for HushMail and Lavabit, who were known by many people in high places of their service quality, and not to mention their service. This allowed many high profile people communicate without the worry of having their conversations observed. Unfortunately, due to government stress, the canadian based Hushmail was forced in 2007 to subvert its own security. Six years later, Lavabit management made the decision to completely whipe out their email service, deleting all traces of user emails due to concerns of privacy due to the US government. The next day after this happened, another secure email company followed in Lavabits footsteps and shut down its’ email service as well due to the same reasons.


In this time and day, the need for secure email is rising higher and higher, yet the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be getting smaller…until now. Kim Dotcom, the man behind the MegaUpload scandal, recently announced that he will be starting a similar email service to HushMail and Lavabit, not to mention continuing work on his new website Mega.co.nz, the successor of MegaUpload. On top of this, a project called Mailpile just raised more than $100,000 on the crowdfunding site IndieGoGo to fund a web-based, encrypted email client.


With these two services currently in the making. the only service still fully accepted and available, is Scramble. Scramble is an encrypted webmail software coded by recent Stanford University computer science graduate Daniel Posch.s still in the “proof of concept” phase. He released it last week on theLiberationtech message board and he wants his peers to review the code and the concept. “I’m putting it out there as open source, trying to get people interested,” he said. “For it to be foolproof, you need peer review by other security engineers.”