First Look at PS4 UI


Above is the first look at the PS4’s new user interface that is expected in both the PS4 and the app. This “new” interface is Sony’s way of adding small changed here and there to improve the old PS3 UI and make it more user friendly. Any old faults in the UI have long been dealt with according to Sony and this UI is deemed to be a familiar figure with added updates and improvements. This UI expected to be similar in the iOS and Android app as well.


Breaking News: Pakistani Earthquake Creates Small Island to Form

A 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck on the southern coast of Pakistan killing over 100 people, injuring many more, and creating a small rocky island. The epicenter of the earthquake is believed to be in the district of Awaran, a remote mountainous area where 45 people were killed. In neighboring Bolochistan province, it is believed that another 150 people were killed there due to the earthquake. Shortly after this earthquake happened, a small rocky land appeared in the Arabian Sea nearly one mile off the nations shoreline. This new island is reportedly 30 feet tall and about 100 feet in diameter.
The principal seismologist at Pakistan’s National Seismic Monitoring Center stated that more then one thousand people could possibly be deceased due to this earthquake and the un-reported damage could be enourmous. This earthquake is said to have flatten many houses in the area of the epicenter and have been felt hudreds of miles away, and as far as India’s capital. The United States Geological Survey has issued a red alert for the area and is predicting more then 1,000 dead and damages could rive over $1 billion.

Nokia Event October 22nd in Abu Dhabi


Nokia has annouced it is hosting a Nokia World event in the capital of the United Arab Eremites on October 22,2013. While many details of this event are unknown, there have been some speculations going around about this event and what will be released. First off, Nokia is expected to release atleast three new phones, a phablet(part phone part tablet) line, and a tablet line. Out of these two items are the most expected.
The Nokia Lumia 1520 is the first most expected item. This Lumia will a a 6 inch phablet, which is expected to have a full HD display, as well as a quad-core processor, and quite possibly 10-15MP cameras on front and back. The second highly expected item is the tablet codenamed “Sirius”. This tablet is rumored to be 10.1 inches of full HD IPS display, coming with 2GB of RAM, and ten hours of battery life, with the added bonus of 32GB and extendable memory with a microSD card. Besides all this, it is expected to see all upcoming Nokia devices to hold the Windows 8.1 by standard.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX


Amazon announced two new tablets joining their already existing line. These two new top-of-the-line tablets are named HDX. They come in 7 inch and 8.9 inch versions and feature a new tech-support feature called “Mayday”. This “Mayday” feature let you video-chat with an Amazon support representative at any time of day about any trouble you are having with the tablet. It is available around the clock on every day of the year and can be accessed through a button in the quick settings bar.
The tablets themselves have gotten a slight boost in everything compared to older models, but it is not anything extraordinary. The OS itself has gotten a v .1 update¬† and some minor kinks were fixed. Other then that, it is believed that the only reason for these tablets even appearing is to promote the “Mayday” feature and provide a basis for future tablets, if this feature proves to be successful.

Microsoft Event Roundup


Microsoft’s Surface 2 event was today and we have the scoop on everything! Now lets start with the specs and prices on everything:

Surface 2:
-Windows 8.1 RT
-1080p HD ClearType display
-10.1 inches
-Nvidia Tegra 4
-3.5MP camera on front
-5MP camera on back
Pre-order starts September 24
Release is October 22

Surface Pro 2:
-50% better on graphical performance then the Surface Pro
-20% better overall performance then the Surface Pro
-Same Display as Surface 2
-46% more color accuracy
-75% battery boost over Surface Pro
-Start out at $719
-64GB/128GB option with 4GB RAM
-256GB/512GB option with 8GB RAM
Pre-order and release same as Surface 2

Docking Station:
-compatible with old and new Surface devices
-3x USB 3.0
-2x USB 2.0
-Audio In/Out
-MiniDisplay port w/ output of 3840×2160
Expected release: Early 2014

Added Info:
-two-stage kickstand 22 and 55 degrees
-Touch Cover 2 and Type Cover 2
-TouchC2 is 2.75mm thick w/ backlit keys
-Power Cover-boosts battery up to 60%
-Power Cover will be $199.99 and released early 2014
-Free 200GB SkyDrive Storage for two years
-Unlimited video calling with landlines with Skype
-Free Skype Wi-Fi at over two million global hotspots

Lord Of the Rings: War in the North on Mac

Mac gamers, put down your controllers, log out of League, and listen up!
Anyone who is a fan of LOTR and Mac will be getting a special surprise. LOTR:War in the North is coming to Mac for only $29.99 in the App Store.


After being released for PC,Xbox,and PS3 in 2011, the makers of the game decided to release it for Mac as well. You will be able to play as Farin the Dwarf, Eradan the Ranger, and Andriel the Elven Loremaster. The cool part is, that the two characters not selected will form a war party with you and the trio will travel through middle earth meeting many LOTR characters, as well as many locations in the trilogy. Best news above all is the the game is available right now in the App Store.