Apple October Event Summary

On the 22nd October, Apple had their event to show off the new iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina, and to show off the new OS X Mavericks, Macbook Pro, and the new desktop. With all this, we have made a nice and easy list of specs and other info with all these new goodies.

iPad Air
-7.5mm thin
-1 pound
-2048 x 1536 resolution Retina display
-64-bit A7 processor with the M7 motion processor
-8x faster performance and 72x faster graphics performance
-10 hours of battery life
-16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB models
-White/Silver and Space Gray/Black
Pricing starts at $500 for the Wi-Fi-only version and $629 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular model.

iPad Mini with Retina
– 7.9-inch tablet
-2048 x 1536 resolution Retina display
-A7 processor
-10 hours of battery life
-White/Silver and Space Gray/Black
Pricing starts at $399.

Macbook Pro and Macbook Pro with Retina
-3.7GHz quad-core Xeon
-12GB RAM, dual FirePro D300s, and 256GB SSD
-802.11 AC wireless standard
-Thunderbolt 2 Ports
-3.46 punds
-8-9 hours of battery life

OS X Mavericks
-it’s free
-it’s new

On top of all this, several apps got upgraded and redesigned.


Apple October 22, 2013 Rumors


Apple has yet another event where, according to their invitation, they have “a lot to cover”. You feel the cold chills? We did too. What could this mean? Well, they’re not gonna release the iPhone 6 that’s for sure. It is expected tho that they will release one of the following will be mentioned:

-First off, lets cover the large iPad. Last year, it got LTE support and upgraded Wi-Fi, as well as the A6 processor. This year we can most definitely expect the A7 processor from the iPhone 5S, improved retina display and touch, and a rumored new case(rubber padding or grip?), and last but not least, a larger screen. What would be very nice to see is the new Wi-Fi standard, 802.11 AC. We may even see a “champagne” colored iPad, as well as for the iPad Mini.

-Second off, the iPad Mini. Like it’s big brother, it is expected that the same features will be added to the little guy.

-OS X is expected to have the release of it’s next version as well as other new updates to the OS, and possibly even new features.

-MacBook Pro is expected to have it’s next version released with the usual “thinner, faster, stronger” line. It is quite possible to see it boasting the new i3-i7 processors from Intel, more RAM options, and probably a remote control option for iPhones/iPads to make the feature work smoother with the possible new OS X and iOS7.

-Although this is the biggest rumor of them all, the iWatch is expected to be released in this event. While this is a long shot, it is unlikely that it will appear. Most Apple enthusiasts wish it will be during this announcement but we can most likely expect it to see it in 2014 either at CES2014 or one of Apple’s events.

-AppleTV is also rumored to be discussed in this coming event. We can expect updates to the service, some minor tweaks, as well as features.

This is all the rumors we were able to dig out from the internet and we hope that many of them to become actual in this release. While these are just rumors, iPads and MacBooks are a shoe-in to be discussed in the event. For anything else, we just have to wait until the event. Stay tuned for our post October 22nd/23rd with our in-house breakdown of the event!

Lord Of the Rings: War in the North on Mac

Mac gamers, put down your controllers, log out of League, and listen up!
Anyone who is a fan of LOTR and Mac will be getting a special surprise. LOTR:War in the North is coming to Mac for only $29.99 in the App Store.


After being released for PC,Xbox,and PS3 in 2011, the makers of the game decided to release it for Mac as well. You will be able to play as Farin the Dwarf, Eradan the Ranger, and Andriel the Elven Loremaster. The cool part is, that the two characters not selected will form a war party with you and the trio will travel through middle earth meeting many LOTR characters, as well as many locations in the trilogy. Best news above all is the the game is available right now in the App Store.

iOS/Android and Mac/Windows Comparisons Invalid

Recently after the September 18th release of iOS 7, windows and android attempted their usual attacks on Apple. With the new iDevice software update there are some android based features added in. Such as the new multitasking system of being able to universally search from any home page. This system has been used in many versions of android for multiple years.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says that the iOS/Android, and Mac/Windows comparison isn’t valid. Considering that the different operating systems on mobile devices and computers are very different. Microsoft has dominated the market with a partner model allowing other companies to produce the computers in a way known now as “PC’s.” Apple has always taken its own path in selling its computers, iDevices, and being able to be exclusive. This has allowed them to be very unique with their products, and take the lead in sales over the tablet market.

In my opinion Apple has something very special with their software, computer model, iPads, and of course the iPhones. Steve Jobs, the previous CEO, and founder of Apple brought this company to the top with his creative abilities and appreciation in the visual side of the product. Even the inside of Apple products must look to a high standard, and cannot be sloppy in any way. This is the image Jobs gave Apple and since after his death in 2011, the company seemed to begin a decline in the special design of their products.

Apple will always have something going for them and their products with continue to sell. Windows and Android in my opinion cannot try compare to the iOS software. They are so different in so many ways.

Written by Barrett Thornton

iO7 Drops Today: Whats New

iOS 7, probably one of the biggest changes to the iOS mobile device operating system since its release in 2007. It is set to drop today, September 18th, so remember to plug in your iDevice to your computer and check for your update on iTunes.
One of the biggest changes in the new update is the complete visual atmosphere. Every icon, button, slide bar, everything on the iOS graphic side is changed. The icons seem to now float on top of your home screen, in my opinion giving your iDevice a much better feel. They also improved the multitasking, adding the ability for universal search on any page of the home screen. iOS 7 also adds in a couple features called Airdrop, and Control Center.

Here Below are the different features coming to you devices

Written By Barrett Thornton

New Mac Malware



In the world of computers, there have always been some form of viruses. Whether it be Windows,Mac, or even Linux, they have always been there to annoy us.

Since the creation of Mac and their OSX, they have proudly carried out the motto of “Mac’s cannot get viruses”. Unfortunately for Apple, this motto has broken to bits with the past couple years where we have seen more and more Mac malware being created.

With this being said, a new variant of malware has reportedly been spotted in Tibet and could have the ability to spy on infected devices. According to Intego, the malware is based on a Java applet from a compromised website.The firm is calling the malware OSX/Tibet.D.

Now you may be wondering, is there good news? The answer…is yes. According to the firm, the only possible way to attain this malware if you visit anti-China websites in Tibet. Now, this does not mean you cannot get the malware. We recommend you stay up to date with all security updates and if you use Java applets while online we strongly recommend you get an Anti-Virus.