Apple October 22, 2013 Rumors


Apple has yet another event where, according to their invitation, they have “a lot to cover”. You feel the cold chills? We did too. What could this mean? Well, they’re not gonna release the iPhone 6 that’s for sure. It is expected tho that they will release one of the following will be mentioned:

-First off, lets cover the large iPad. Last year, it got LTE support and upgraded Wi-Fi, as well as the A6 processor. This year we can most definitely expect the A7 processor from the iPhone 5S, improved retina display and touch, and a rumored new case(rubber padding or grip?), and last but not least, a larger screen. What would be very nice to see is the new Wi-Fi standard, 802.11 AC. We may even see a “champagne” colored iPad, as well as for the iPad Mini.

-Second off, the iPad Mini. Like it’s big brother, it is expected that the same features will be added to the little guy.

-OS X is expected to have the release of it’s next version as well as other new updates to the OS, and possibly even new features.

-MacBook Pro is expected to have it’s next version released with the usual “thinner, faster, stronger” line. It is quite possible to see it boasting the new i3-i7 processors from Intel, more RAM options, and probably a remote control option for iPhones/iPads to make the feature work smoother with the possible new OS X and iOS7.

-Although this is the biggest rumor of them all, the iWatch is expected to be released in this event. While this is a long shot, it is unlikely that it will appear. Most Apple enthusiasts wish it will be during this announcement but we can most likely expect it to see it in 2014 either at CES2014 or one of Apple’s events.

-AppleTV is also rumored to be discussed in this coming event. We can expect updates to the service, some minor tweaks, as well as features.

This is all the rumors we were able to dig out from the internet and we hope that many of them to become actual in this release. While these are just rumors, iPads and MacBooks are a shoe-in to be discussed in the event. For anything else, we just have to wait until the event. Stay tuned for our post October 22nd/23rd with our in-house breakdown of the event!


Microsoft Event Roundup


Microsoft’s Surface 2 event was today and we have the scoop on everything! Now lets start with the specs and prices on everything:

Surface 2:
-Windows 8.1 RT
-1080p HD ClearType display
-10.1 inches
-Nvidia Tegra 4
-3.5MP camera on front
-5MP camera on back
Pre-order starts September 24
Release is October 22

Surface Pro 2:
-50% better on graphical performance then the Surface Pro
-20% better overall performance then the Surface Pro
-Same Display as Surface 2
-46% more color accuracy
-75% battery boost over Surface Pro
-Start out at $719
-64GB/128GB option with 4GB RAM
-256GB/512GB option with 8GB RAM
Pre-order and release same as Surface 2

Docking Station:
-compatible with old and new Surface devices
-3x USB 3.0
-2x USB 2.0
-Audio In/Out
-MiniDisplay port w/ output of 3840×2160
Expected release: Early 2014

Added Info:
-two-stage kickstand 22 and 55 degrees
-Touch Cover 2 and Type Cover 2
-TouchC2 is 2.75mm thick w/ backlit keys
-Power Cover-boosts battery up to 60%
-Power Cover will be $199.99 and released early 2014
-Free 200GB SkyDrive Storage for two years
-Unlimited video calling with landlines with Skype
-Free Skype Wi-Fi at over two million global hotspots