Google to Sell Facebook Ads

“The end is upon us my friends! Google will sell Facebook ads!”

That is the overall reaction of the internet on this issue. While most think that this is a very bad idea for the public, for Google and Facebook, this is quite beneficial, and interesting as well. Google and Facebook have had quite a rivalry over the years and with this announcement it is leading many to believe that they might be coming to terms with one another.
The announcement came on Friday, where Google stated that its DoubleClick unit will soon be able to buy inventory on Facebook Exchange via DoubleClick’s Bid Manager. What is interesting is that Facebook Exchange’s retargeted ads analyze a users behaviour outside of Facebook, with the aim to provide richer, and less spam-like adds to your stream so you can see ads based on things you like or are interested in.
While it is not completely clear why these two tech giants decided to team up, but this partnership will definitely help out both companies. The mere fact that the online advertising industry’s powerhouse, DoubleClick, and Facebook Exchange’s enticing offering for ad buyers will make this an interesting time for Facebook and its one billion+ users.