Apple October Event Summary

On the 22nd October, Apple had their event to show off the new iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina, and to show off the new OS X Mavericks, Macbook Pro, and the new desktop. With all this, we have made a nice and easy list of specs and other info with all these new goodies.

iPad Air
-7.5mm thin
-1 pound
-2048 x 1536 resolution Retina display
-64-bit A7 processor with the M7 motion processor
-8x faster performance and 72x faster graphics performance
-10 hours of battery life
-16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB models
-White/Silver and Space Gray/Black
Pricing starts at $500 for the Wi-Fi-only version and $629 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular model.

iPad Mini with Retina
– 7.9-inch tablet
-2048 x 1536 resolution Retina display
-A7 processor
-10 hours of battery life
-White/Silver and Space Gray/Black
Pricing starts at $399.

Macbook Pro and Macbook Pro with Retina
-3.7GHz quad-core Xeon
-12GB RAM, dual FirePro D300s, and 256GB SSD
-802.11 AC wireless standard
-Thunderbolt 2 Ports
-3.46 punds
-8-9 hours of battery life

OS X Mavericks
-it’s free
-it’s new

On top of all this, several apps got upgraded and redesigned.


Battle over Airline Wifi

In the last ten years, technology has advanced far beyond from what most people thought. Although we’re nowhere near to making the hoverboard a reality, we now have far more advanced technology. You can be in Canada and videochat with your uncle Mongolia, you can pinpoint geo-tag photos, or even learn a new skill. With technology advancing so fast, we need to make sure we keep everything we use up-to-date.


One of the more major objects in our life is traveling, more specifically, by plane. Planes have revolutionized what a boundary is. Because of it, we can now travel anywhere, as long as the plane can land there. With times changing, the plane itself also had to change. The more recent change, that is already in the works, is the addition to airplane mounted, satellite-based internet being relayed to all airliners.


This daring concept is in the works at none other then Honeywell. If you are not familiar with this name, Honeywell is a fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address some of the worlds toughest challenges.


Their overall idea is to mount satellites to airliners in order to provide them with Wifi capabilities. This is probably the most awesome news that could be heard to date when it comes to technology but it comes at a cost at which, surprisingly, most are willing to give up according to surveys carried out by Honeywell, and that cost, is legroom. During the surveys, there were three things that people were wiling to give up: legroom, drinks, and the reclining ability. Although some of these features are important to some, in a few years, after the airline market has advanced a bit more, that this might seem like something minor that was given up, but lets face it, sending an email from 32,000 ft in the air while going ten miles a minute is a pretty awesome improvement,