Top 15 App Downloads In America

The lovely people at Mashable comprised a list of top 15 apps downloaded in the US consisting of both iOS and Android and we thought we should share it!



Social Networks and Employment

If you’re hunting for a job, you always look for the best way to promote yourself in order to get the overall best jobs. Most active job seekers using social networks is a good way to give you a boost in finding that ideal job. Just recently, recruiters have started looking into your social media in order to determine the best candidate.

Among many, LinkedIn remains number one in social networks used for employment. While this is so, it is wise to not underestimate the power of Facebook and Twitter.

Jobvite surveyed multiple companies and found that recruiters look at social media accounts to see an applicant’s professional experience, whether they’ve made industry-related posts and to access how well they’d fit with the company’s culture.

The Infographic below displays the information found:


Twitter’s New verified User Feature


Twitter has just unveiled a new feature for it’s verified users. It’s not a premium feature or anything. This feature helps filter the verified users conversations in the “Connect” tab. They can now view them in: All, Filtered, and Verified. I short, Filtered you can view specific conversations based by hashtag and you can also have spam filtered out. In Verified, the user can view conversations by other verified users. This new feature was put out in hopes by Twitter to contain and promote activity by it’s verified users. This is in hopes that verified users will stay on longer and will have heightened activity on the site with other users.
After the release of this feature, Facebook also confirmed that it is also working on a “VIP”-only feature. For now, we must wait and see what Facebook has planned for us.
For now, this new Twitter feature is only available to Verified users on the desktop versions, while it is expected to come to mobile in the near future. 

A World Of Bots


Unfortunately, this is not about Runescape or Eve bots, although we would die to write about them. This, ladies and gents, is about bot computers. In the internet times of today, bots are primarily used by hackers to DDoS websites or by high ranking officials to get popular on Facebook or Twitter(Ref: John McCain). Recently, bots were directed to Tor’s DarkNet/DeepNet which is where most of the illegal stuff happens. Now, there has been a development in Asia relating to the formation of new bots appearing by the boatload.

Solve Media reported in their quarterly bot traffic report that that hotbeds of bot traffic were sprouting from Asia, specifically the southeast. They estimate that $9.5 billion in ad dollars will go to waste through bots this year.  Their service handles visitor verification for almost 7,000 publisher clients like Ticketmaster and Meredith’s publications(ie: Fitness magazine), managing those text boxes will fill out to prove we are real visitors to each site. The company sees up to 230 million verifications per month, providing it a large sample to analyze for authenticity and non-bot humanness.

Advertising companies shouldn’t panic due to Solve Media’s data, which has been consistent for multiple quarters and just underlines an uncomfortable but known trend of bot clicks. The industry should recognize in the relatively lower numbers for mobile both an opportunity and a risk. But just as the industry looks towards mobile, and so are the bad guys ,and the mobile bot profiteers are marking their targets from a whole new set of areas.