Botnet Steals Over a Million Social Security Numbers


If you live in the US and are a citizen, you know exactly what Social Security is and you know by heart your number. Unfortunately, this system comes under attack on a personal basis and the effected person usually deals with credit card fraud or worse. Now, there has been a shocking discovery that a botnet managed to steal social security numbers and other important information of over a million Americans, including artists, political figures, and even directors of top US agencies.
This shocking news prompted multiple government agencies to open an investigation looking into this matter. According to recent discoveries, a website called was stealing info from LexisNexis servers and two other companies that specialize in background checks. With this, hackers were able to steal 3.1 million diverse records. The worst part is that the malware used had no problem evading even the top-of-the-line anti-virus security systems. There is no report on who these hackers are, but the FBI is expected to comment on this issue in the following weeks


LinkedIn Lawsuit: Email Hacking


A lawsuit filed in San Jose Federal Court by a rather large group of LinkedIn users accuses LinkedIn, the professional social network, of hacking into users email accounts, phishing out all associated emails, and sending out spam-like emails. The suit claims that LinkedIn is able to download users emails without consent, therefore giving them direct access to email accounts. Although this is suit is very shocking, it has not stated how exactly LinkedIn does this, or how it is associated, or if this is meerly a third-party association. While this suit is not clear, LinkedIn assued the following statement yesterday stating the following:

“As you may have read recently, a class action lawsuit was filed against LinkedIn last week. The lawsuit alleges that we “break into” the email accounts of our members who choose to upload their email address books to LinkedIn. Quite simply, this is not true, and with so much misinformation out there, we wanted to clear up a few things for our members.

We do not access your email account without your permission. Claims that we “hack” or “break into” members’ accounts are false.
We never deceive you by “pretending to be you” in order to access your email account.
We never send messages or invitations to join LinkedIn on your behalf to anyone unless you have given us permission to do so.
We do give you the choice to share your email contacts, so you can connect on LinkedIn with other professionals that you know and trust. We will continue to do everything we can to make our communications about how to do this as clear as possible.

As we’ve said before, our core value at LinkedIn is Members First. This guides all the decisions that we make when it comes to our members, including how we communicate with them and how we use their data. That’s why we felt we needed to explain we believe that the claims in this lawsuit are without merit, and we wanted to correct the false accusations and misleading headlines.”

Breaking News: Damascus Accepts Russian Chemical Weapons Proposal

7AM EST- Breaking News: The Syrian Government has just agreed to Russians proposed chemical weapons plan. This plan proposed that Syria hand over it’s chemical weapons arsenal to international control in order to cease all probability of war with the country. The Syrian Foreign Minister said yesterday at a press confrence

“Yesterday[Monday] we held a round of fruitful newgotiations with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and he put forward an initiative regarding chemical weapons. Already in the evening we accepted Russia’s innitiative”

It was stated that the agreement was in hopes to end all US based agression towards their country so they may avert another war in the area.

We will continue to update the situation as more detail arrive.